Content marketing is crucial to build trust, generate leads, increase customer loyalty, and generate revenue.

Here are 10 best practices for content creators that will help to improve your content marketing strategy.

Focus on a niche

Find out what’s a popular and relevant topic that doesn’t have a community / audience around it.

You are more likely to succeed if you identify a niche, create useful content and engage with your followers to build relationship.

By sharing niche-specific content you are adding a layer of exclusivity and keep you audience quality high.

Start Small

You don’t need to be present on every single social media out there to build an online community.

Select a platform, weather it is a YouTube channel, Podcast or Facebook Group and start small.

By starting small, testing, and iterating, you will find ways to improve your content quality, build one to one relationship and scale your audience size.

Engagement and Helpfulness

Your online community should be there for each other that they are for you. By creating an engaging and open environment, you are providing a way to help your community members each other.

This helps you to analyze the engagement on your digital platform, get feedback from your community members and identify trends/patterns.

Share Your Personal Story

Every person has a unique story, a unique personal and professional path. By sharing your passion, why you started a podcast, YouTube channel etc, you are being authentic and relatable.

People tend to relate to stories and experiences more than a corporate logo!

Use SEO Tools

Tools like TubeBuddy, SEMRush, Ahref etc will help you to figure out content opportunities, keyword gap, analyze competitors and produce content that is highly relevant and useful for your audience.

If your content is not searchable / discoverable on search engines, then there is no point in creating it!

Learn from your competitors

Check out the type of content that your competitors are sharing on their channels, Facebook groups, podcasts or a channel that you are currently focusing.

You will know which type of content they are already ranking well, which keywords are performing best and find opportunities to create content better than your competitors.

Start engaging with your competitors content by commenting useful info, tips and best practices about your niche.

This will help your get brand exposure, gain new followers from your competitors channels and earn trust / credibility.

Consistency is Key

Creating quality content and consistently sharing it on your digital platform is critical to achieve great success.

Think about the traditional media consistency model for T.V, radio and print. There are episodes, seasons and schedules.

Similar logic applied for digital content, consistency never goes out of style and it helps to build an online community faster and smarter.

Guest posts, podcasts, videos and articles

Find websites, channels, digital platforms in your niche that allow guest posting. Guest posts are an incredible way to build community, engage with new audience and share ideas.

Try to genuinely share quality content on guest post sites and not to self promote.

Taking offline world online – Live Events and Speaking

Choose the right content format

Evergreen content tend to perform best in terms of providing value to your audience, driving continous traffic, and rank for keywords that will be relavant for your business.

It take more time to produce evergreen content than a regular blog post, but it saves you a lot of time in the long run because you won’t have to create short blog posts as often.

Here are some of the best content format to create evergreen content:

  • Checklists
  • Listicles
  • Templates
  • Case Studies
  • Whitepaper
  • Presentations
  • Webinar
  • Research Paper

Optimize Content Using Analytics

We talked about keyword research, using SEO tools, and find content that will best match your audience.

Analytics will help you find which content gets the most traffic, social media shares, conversion rate and click-through rate.

By finding trends, insights, and patterns, you can optimize and improve your content marketings strategy.

By finding your best performing content based on your marketing objectives, you can create similar content and try to replicate that success.