You may have crafted captivating offers, incorporated catchy branding solutions, and employed direct mailing to boost your automotive business.

But there’s still the main ingredient that separates leaders and normal businesses in the automotive industry; Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And if you have already tried, it does better to boost your SEO game.

It’s awesome that you’re here.

Especially in a period when the automotive industry is dwindling downwards, the right SEO strategy is especially helpful.

The Automotive industry faced its worst-ever performances in the first and second quarters of 2020 with declining car sales due to the Corona pandemic. New car sales in the EU, UK, and EFTA were 43% lower during the first five months of 2020. Within the period, a 53% car sales drop in May provided a sigh of relief from the initial 78% decline in April.

There are reasonable suggestions that things will get better as the global pandemic softens. It is therefore critical to boosting traffic to your website since an appropriate SEO for the automotive industry can have huge impacts on your profit margins.

In this guide, we dive into effective SEO for automotive industry 

1. Appropriate Keyword Selection

To conduct a successful automotive SEO, proper selection for the target keywords is exceptionally essential.

It is recommended that you research deeper to find the keywords that correspond with search queries entered by potential buyers. For example, there are about 580 unique keywords for the “car dealership” keyword.

Place the keywords in your content, headers, titles, and Meta description.

You must avoid keyword stuffing because it makes your content unnatural and Google can penalize you for this. Long-tail SEO (using precise phrases tailored to a particular car model, equipment, or engine) is more beneficial than doing 7 SEO for short and highly competitive keywords.

2. Quality Content

Unique and quality content is considered one of the most important elements of any SEO strategy, especially in the automotive industry.

To create quality content, provide detailed information about your cars or services. 

Implement the keywords naturally and keep it one-of-a-kind. Also, make your article more eye-catching, and reader-friendly.

Your website text should be adopted to users and not search engine robots. Always try to write simply and avoid using ambiguous words. You can also use available formatting options, paragraphs, and headings to make your content more interesting.

3. Link-Building

Link-building involves including high-quality links to a site.

It enables the site to achieve a better reputation from Google since the Search Engine uses links as a signal of quality, reputation, and authority.

Search engines use sites with high-quality links as a sign of originality for advanced ranking algorithms.

There are various techniques to use when link building. However, it can be a difficult task as it’s pretty time-consuming. So, if you can able to build a high-quality link to your site, it can keep you ahead of the competition.

4. Semantic Search Results

Semantic Indexing or LSI is another vital part of SEO. It describes how search engines relate hidden or latent meanings when it is connected with certain words. For example, “luxurious” and “car” have different meanings as individual words but it becomes clear when these words are joined together as “luxurious cars”.

To conduct LSI, you should recognize the topics you want to be found for. It is also essential to know how to relay to definite sub-topics. Though you can’t directly optimize for LSI search terms, you can use it to recognize related phrases and sub-topics.

5. Google My Business

You can enlist your business with Google My Business and appear in the local search results.

To do so, open a Google My Business account for free by filling through the needed information such as your dealership’s official name, address, phone number, operating hours, website URL, etc. and when someone searches for a car dealer locally, Google will show your business.

You must maintain your profile to get a better result. Maintenance involves answering customer’s questions, and reviews, updating event hours, holidays, and unexpected closures. Moreover, you should also add the latest pictures and event updates to maximize the results in your favor.

6. Blogs, Vlogs, and Tutorials

Nowadays, customers are fond of first learning about products or services before conducting a purchase. The concept is vital when it comes to automobiles since they are costly and customers do not buy them frequently as compared to the other products.

To tap from these, a blog, vlog, or tutorial is the ideal solution.

You can advertise your cars and services through your blogs. You can also influence your potential buyers to visit your store by creating creative content and videos. You can impress your buyers by expressing your expertise and skills in the field of vehicle repair by making vlogs on them.

 7. Use Graphics and Photos

In the automotive industry, top car dealers know the importance of appealing graphics and photos as customers care about reliable vehicle pictures.

Have you noticed that Google normally displays images at the top search? You must therefore consider proper image optimization for better SEO results.

Add contents on your ALT attribute. Graphics without Alternative descriptions are usually of no use as google can’t be able to analyze the content. Google only takes texts surrounding the photos.

8. Video for SEO Marketing

According to recent statistics from Google, more than 75% of automobile buyers said that online video influenced their shopping habits or purchases.

This brings rapid changes in the advertising policies of the automotive industry. Research obsessed consumers discover new vehicles by watching online video. Moreover, they compare the varieties among the available options and potential purchases. 

9. Optimize Every Element

SEO for the car automotive industry does not stop at adding keywords and phrases to your copy. Using the same keywords too often can make your copy dull and poor. It can also reduce your visitors.

You can increase your visitors and google rankings by adding your keywords in other places like the alternate text of photos, URLs, title tags, and the Meta descriptions associated with each page. You should apply this strategy in any blog posts and articles you write. Your site will rank higher with the frequency of using keywords. But make sure that your copy is natural.  You may try to optimize many pages for better rankings.

10. Track and Monitor SEO Results

Check whether the chosen keywords increase website traffic, search engine rankings, or not.

You must take initiatives to track and monitor your automobile company’s SEO results. If your current keywords fail to bring the expected results, you should give more effort to improve the results. You can also improve your weaknesses by tracking and monitoring success.

Successful car dealers are at the top of search engine results. But it is not an easy task to be there.

You must know everything on how to do SEO for car dealers by optimizing your website, social media pages, and blogs. As SEO is an on-going process, you just need to constantly develop your content and strategies to get the best results.