Almost all the brand websites are now using at least one form of social proof to boost their credibility and increase the overall website performance. There are numerous types of social proof available for you to follow and boost the overall performance of your website. Here are the 10 most prominent social proof marketing examples.

Customer reviews

Using customer reviews to boost social proof is quite popular. People who come to your website would be keen to see what other customers have to say about your products. Hence, you can give more prominence to displaying the customer reviews in your store.

Product reviews

If you are selling products through the store, you should think about getting more product reviews under them. That’s because people are interested in seeing more product reviews. Hence, you should encourage your customers to give more product reviews.

Social media signals

Companies also prefer to use social signals to boost social proof. This is where they use feeds and numbers from the famous social media accounts. The large number of positive comments, shares and likes on social media platforms can help you to boost your reputation.

Use numbers

When you use more numbers, you will be able to boost your social proof. That’s because people quickly see the numbers that you have in your website. For example, you can think about showcasing how many numbers your customers have.

Celebrity endorsements

If you can get endorsements from celebrities, you will be able to get social proof to your website. This is something that most of the big consumer brands follow. You need to make sure that you are getting endorsements from celebrities who are related to your brand. Then you can get the maximum returns that come along with it.

Case studies

When you use case studies, you can explain the awesomeness of products that you offer. That’s because you can use case studies as concrete examples to prove the credibility of your products. Hence, you should get more case studies displayed on the website.

Add logos of your existing customers

Businesses that have popular clients can think about using the client logos on website to create social proof. When you take a look at the website of a business that has both partnerships with respected brands and work as vendors to such brands have included the logos. This will increase credibility as well as conversions.

Add certifications and awards

You must include the certifications and awards that your business could earn on the website. If your business is proud of it, you should be including it on the website. Then you will be able to gain recognition for it and increase your social proof.

Integrations and platforms

If you are offering a technical product, people who visit your website would be interested in understanding how compatible it is with the other tools that they use. This is where you should share more details about the integrations and platform. Then you can get people to move to the next step of downloading your product.

Mentions in the media

If your brand was mentioned in the media, you must include those details on the website. Then people will be able to understand how worthy your brand is. This can also help you with increasing your conversions.

Take a look at these 10 methods of using social proof and make sure that you get the maximum results out of boosting your website performance. Any website owner will be able to do it.