What is a blog RSS feed?

RSS(Really Simple Syndication) feed is an XML-based format for your blog content. Most of the major blogging platforms will have an RSS feed already built-in.

RSS lets your readers stay up to date on all your content and consume them in a timely fashion.

How To Use Your Blog RSS Feed

Here is how to find the RSS feed for your WordPress Blog:

WordPress website comes with RSS feed out of the box. Just add /feed/ to the end of your domain, and you should be good to go.

E.g. https://yourdomain.com/feed/

What is a RSS feed reader?

Feed readers work like email or push notifications. As you subscribe to feeds from various websites, you see that unread entries from the sites will be marked as bold.

You can either read the entire story/blog within the feed reader tool or can click through to the actual site.

How To Use Your Blog RSS Feed

Feedly is the most popular RSS feed reader. You can set up Feedly on your phone, PC, and tablet. This will allow you to easily consume blog content and ready all the blogs from your subscriptions.

What are the advantages of blog RSS Feeds?

How To Use Your Blog RSS Feed
  • Compile content from various sources and have them displayed in one centralized location.
  • You can get notifications on when content has been updated/published. Feedreader can deliver only the latest content.
  • You can archive content for future reference.
  • Create categories to organize your reading based on interests/hobbies.

What are the different Feed types?

  • Main RSS feed content – https://staging2.anandriyer.com/feed/
  • Comments – https://staging2.anandriyer.com/comments/feed/
  • Category – https://staging2.anandriyer.com/category/digitalmarketing/feed/
  • Tag – https://www.staging2.anandriyer.com/tag/digital-marketing-strategy/feed/
  • Authors – https://www.staging2.anandriyer.com/author/anandiyer1990gmail-com/feed/

How to get the atom version of your website feed?

Simply add /atom/ to the end of your website URL to get the /atom version. To control your blog’s feed settings, go to the settings->reading page.

Tips on how to use RSS feed reader on your website:

How To Use Your Blog RSS Feed

Make users subscriber: You can encourage website visitors to subscribe by placing a link to your RSS feed on Sidebar, at the every blog post, in the footer and few other places.

Syndicate content: Content syndication means that you publish your information on the web so that newsreaders and other websites can display it.

Increase Social Media Audience: Social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can help you acquire social referral traffic.

By using RSS feeds with IFTTT, you can automatically share new blog posts to all your social media profiles.

My Favorite Blog RSS Tip:

I have setup a MailChimp email workflow that will pull in excerpt from my latest blog(including header image, title and short description) and send weekly updates to my email subscribers.

How To Use Your Blog RSS Feed
This is an autogenerated email by MailChimp using Blog RSS Feed ?

How awesome is that?

I could set this up using the Blog RSS feed, connect it to MailChimp, automate my email marketing activities to promote my blog.