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20 Remarkable Reddit Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand

If you have been looking for a new marketing platform, Reddit is a channel you should check out. I will be discussing some of the best Reddit marketing strategies that will supercharge your marketing efforts.

Reddit is home to content published by the users, and it gets more than 160 million visitors every month.

The users of Reddit are more engaged and interested in your content from your niche compared to the average person looking at an ad you published on Facebook.

When used the right way, Reddit can increase traffic to your website by up to 50 percent.

 If you are entirely new to Reddit and you don’t understand how subreddit work and how to set up your account, you can always check out some videos from YouTube, and you will learn all about setting up the subreddits.

Let us check out some of the best Reddit marketing strategies that can help you boost your traffic and increase conversions.

Feed the community with high-quality articles.

20 Remarkable Reddit Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand

There are different communities on Reddit, and as a marketer, you can visit different communities and come up with ideas of you can entertain as well as educate members of a particular community.

Your goal should be to entice the members of your community open your articles, engage, and consume your content.

Be consistent in providing informative insight.

Don’t just post one article in like two weeks, CONSISTENCY is key to achieve great engagement rate on your content and build a community.

You need to be consistent in providing informative insights to the people on your niche, which will build an authentic Reddit presence, and from there, you can be sure of increased traffic. 

If you are just getting started on Reddit, google search your product + Reddit and see the different communities you will find.

From there, get inside several communities and understand the challenges the members are expressing, and those problems can be a perfect opportunity to get started.

Build some credibility before you start your marketing.

20 Remarkable Reddit Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand
Top 50 subreddits by comment volume

The subreddits have their own rules, but what is common with most of them is that they are all against explicit self-promotion.

They are like a community, and you need to build some trust before you become like a spokesman to the community.

Spend some time replying and upvoting the members of the community, and when the time comes for you to post your content, you will be sure you can get some people to upvote you.

This is the first step towards making it to the main page of Reddit.

Don’t be overly promotional.

20 Remarkable Reddit Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand
Banned from Reddit

Reddit can be a very tricky platform when it comes to marketing, and if you are not careful, your account can get banned.

One of the top reasons why many users get their accounts banned is because of being overly promotional.

Before starting your marketing campaign, you should spend some time on the platform as a user and get to understand how things work.

Use data that is backed with headlines.

Research shows that when you use data that is backed with headlines, it attracts more engagement.

This will provide immediate value which is vital on Reddit since it just takes few minutes before your submission is buried by the content from other people.

But if your content is backed with headlines, it has a higher probability of making it to the top of the subreddit or even making it to Reddit itself.

Be active on the subreddits related to your business.

According to me, this is the only way of making it as a marketer on Reddit. Become an active member and a leader on your subreddit related to your business.

For example, if you have a digital marketing company, join a subreddit related to that and start contributing to the community by commenting, answering questions, and posting.

It will not be easy, but with the time you will have a rapport, and they will know you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable person.

And when you introduce a product or service, the community will be happy to get it from you.

Start a discussion (ask me anything).

Ask me anything discussion is a way that will improve your reputation.

20 Remarkable Reddit Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Brand

Answer the questions expertly on your niche and prepare yourself for getting regular messages from people on Reddit. 

Use the three basic marketing approaches on Reddit.

The primary marketing strategies on Reddit is paid advertising, direct marketing, and indirect marketing.

The best approach is to have the details of your business listed on your profile and be sure to be very active on the subreddit related to your business.

The worst approach is using throwaway accounts and posting links on them to drive traffic on your website.

Offer content Reddit users will love to share.

Reddit is meant to share some fresh and exciting stuff. You need to share such content instead of offering some fake hype about your products or services.

The best way to market on Reddit is not to market if you get what I mean. 

Here are 10 other proven Reddit marketing strategies:

  • Moderate subreddits in your area of expertise.
  • Dig a little and identify what works for your competitors.
  • Be active in your local community’s subreddit. 
  • Build some tools that people can share on Reddit.
  • Don’t just answer questions, ask some too about anything related to your niche.
  • Don’t limit yourself to content related to your business; sometimes create content that is not even related to your company.
  • Familiarize yourself with Reddit marketing tools.
  • Join subreddits for marketers.
  • Read about Reddit marketing success stories to get inspired.
  • Be wary of the mistakes you can make on Reddit and the warning signs and be sure to avoid them.