Digital marketing helps any business to connect with relevant customers, acquire new leads and promote a business using online platforms. 2019 will bring major changes in the field of digital marketing and here are my top 5 trends:

video Marketing

It seems that more and more platforms are focusing on video as the preferred content type and the digital medium for that particular content type can be Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube. Any time when you plan to think about creating a new content try to find a way to create a video. If you can deliver that information in a video format it is much likely that you will be able to reach a wider audience because platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are heavily focusing on video content type and it does give you a lot of return on investment. The number two on my list is:


Chat bots are trending and for the past couple of years there are multiple different platforms that helps you to build chatbots but in 2019 I feel like it’s gonna pick up really fast because of the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. There are very sophisticated programs out there that will understand a customer’s pain point based on the question they are asking. I highly recommend installing chat BOTS on your website so that you will be able to deliver exceptional customer service. You can gather enough data and will allow the bot to actually predict the questions based on their previous question and you can be proactive in delivering your responses. This will help you to convert potential visitors into leads and turn them into customers so installing chatbots on your website is a great way to stay up to date and think about the future. The third on my digital marketing list is:

Marketing automation

Every company whether it’s small, medium or large scale need to have a marketing automation platform that will help them to become more efficient. With a marketing automation platform you will be able to create workflows, build email lists, nurture and generate leads through forms and landing pages. By automating some of these tasks you can become more efficient and let the tool handle the task of scheduling, sending reminders and basically you can focus on the strategic part of digital marketing rather than micromanaging. Marketing automation platform is again a great way to stay ahead and I would recommend HubSpot or Marketo that will be my go-to choice if you want to pick up a marketing automation platform. The fourth digital marketing trend is:

voice search

It seems like in the next couple of years voice search will increase and approximately twenty to thirty percent of the searches will be coming from mobile voice search. If you want to be a part of this game then think about optimizing your website and building and creating content that is easily crawl-able by Google. Whether it’s snippets or small Q&A based kind of content, voice search will be a great way to acquire those audience when they search on Google or any other platform. II they are asking a question on Amazon Alexa or iPhone Siri you will be able to display your website and your snippet on Google search engine result pages so voice search is again something that you need consider in 2019. Finally, I just want to say that in light of all the GDPR and all the privacy policies that is coming up I I can see there will be a slight decline in Facebook ads and more focus on:

YouTube ads

Because again, it plays well with video content type and Facebook was under fire in 2018. You need to focus on other ad formats and other platforms for acquiring leads and promoting a brand. So those are my top five digital marketing trends for 2019.

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