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Become an expert in digital marketing, digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, search engine optimization, digital analytics, YouTube advertising, Google ads and Facebook ads and more!

Digital Marketing Tutorials

100’s of free tutorials – best practices for digital marketers

With more than 30 hours of video tutorials and practical steps you can follow – this digital marketing course is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing resource available and it is completely FREE. I will cover SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and much more!

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Google ads

From basics to advanced google advertising tactics, campaign setup and conversion tracking

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Youtube ads

YouTube marketing strategy, YouTube SEO, YouTube ad campaign setup, analytics, video marketing tactics, YouTube custom audiences and customer acquisition from YouTube marketing

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Ad campaign optimization

Practical tips and best practices to improve ad quality, increase click through rate, increase conversion rate and decrease cost per result.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Digital analytics

How to use digital analytics to improve user experience, make better advertising and campaign decisions and scale your growth.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Facebook marketing

Facebook campaign setup, audience targeting, custom audiences and lead generation ads.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Search engine optmization

Website SEO process, keyword research, on-page SEO tactics, off-page SEO tactics, backlink building and content marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategy framework for various industries such pharmaceutical, automobile, FMCG, animal nutrition, agriculture, business to business and business to consumer.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Linkedin marketing

Linkedin campaign setup, professional targeting options, LinkedIn audience targeting options and LinkedIn lead generation ads.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Become a digital marketing campaign strategy expert

  • Learn proven digital marketing strategies
  • Improve website ranking using SEO best practices
  • Grow your email marketing list, website traffic, and social media engagement
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Improve digital marketing campaign performance
  • Optimize digital advertising campaigns


Digital Marketing Tutorials

Best digital marketing strategies

Learn step by step how to promote your products and services, market a business online from scratch across all the major digital marketing channels.

Now is a right time to start using digital marketing and social media marketing channels to grow your business!

Digital Marketing Tutorials
Digital Marketing Tutorials
Digital Marketing Tutorials

Learn the Best ways to promote your business

Grow your business | Improve your digital skills

Learn the proper techniques and practical strategies for each of the major digital advertising platforms. I highly recommend practicing and implementing these tactics as you learn to solidify your understanding.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Learn digital marketing online and Achieve your goals

Take action by running digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns are a great way to put all your practical knowledge into practice. Pick a website, blog or a campaign landing page and then start promoting using an ad platform, optimize the content using SEO, track results and make smart decisions using analytics.

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Digital Marketing Video Tutorials


Get ready to take action

No prior experience required. 


Who this tutorials are for

Entrepreneurs, small, medium and large business owners, bloggers and professionals

How long does it take to learn digital marketing

Short answer: 6 months to get a hang of the basics.

Is it 100% free

Everything on this page is FREE. You will find a ton of videos covering basics to advanced digital marketing topics

How can i contribute?

Well, you can share the page, donate, add a backlink, promote etc.

Will you add more videos?

I will add videos every week! YAY!

Can you train one to one or business professionals?

Yes, contact me

Digital Marketing Tutorials

Free Courses

All of the above videos are completely FREE and will remain free forever. 

Digital Marketing Tutorials

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I can train business professionals, conduct one-to-one training and provide digital marketing consulting for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Contact me at

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