Digital Marketing- The dawn of the new Era

Before the invention of the internet, for the sake of promoting the products or services, the traditional marketing strategies were used. The traditional strategies included advertising through media like T.V., radio, mails, and door to door sales.

In this blog we will discuss some of the best ways to successfully integrate digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing.

The advertisement through the billboards, brochures, coupon books, and catalogs was also used to deliver the message of the company to potential clients.


The debate between traditional marketing and digital marketing has proven that with the emergence of the new technology, the old methods must be abandoned.

Digital technology can help attract a large audience and generate sales with minimum expense and reduces the risk of loss significantly.

The fundamental objective of digital marketing is to grab the attention of potential buyers to provide them with information about the services and the products to be sold; this then leads to the generation of profits.

Digital marketing is no exception to the ordinary marketing tactic that is to tell a brand story to people by spending minimum amounts. So, the gauges like demography, socioeconomic conditions, and statistical analysis are the main components of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Detailed information about traditional marketing and digital marketing can help you choose the most appropriate method you want to adopt for your firm.

For instance, if one chooses the digital marketing, to increase the customer base, one can do it by oneself or hire a professional marketing firm like LYFE which could help one in maintaining the social media and other digital platforms.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which Produces Greater ROI?

The practice of seeing the business from a perspective the consumer sees it, including all the steps of the organization such as Public Relations, employee communications, sales and purchase, and advertisements have been outdated, and a new way, the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMCs) have taken its place.

No more, the consumers identify the information flowing to be published byindistinguishable sources.

Integrated Marketing- Digital and Traditional

Integrated Marketing Communication : Need of the hour! -
Source: The Marcon Avenue

There is no doubt that digital marketing has multiple benefits but one must not simply replace the traditional methods. It is advised because both of the methods have advantages and disadvantages at the same time, so it is better if the advantages of both are coupled and put into action.

This practice of marketing mix would compensate for the shortcomings and increase productivity.

The advertisement, through publishing pictures in the magazines and the direct mails, can help one in the promotion of the business and provision of services. The advertisement through running the email campaign can boost up the process.

One must use personal social media platforms for advertising digital marketing channels. One must use business cards, posters, and printed collaterals to do so.

Are you thinking of running the ad on T.V.? a customer only sees the ad for not more than 30 seconds, but one can increase the customer linkage by ending the ad with a call to action.

The customer must be made to visit the page or the website for further information; this would keep him/her in touch. This message of further communication would help in increasing the costumers.

A shift in the trend to buy online has been observed, but still, there are instances when people prefer to buy in-store.

It is an opportunity to grab the attention of these customers by running geo-targeted advertisements. One can incentivize them by offers which could only be redeemed in the store; this would help one in attracting the customers of competitors.

If one has ever put a form on your online portal or website, where customers need to fill it out first, before proceeding, you must use the information instead of simply storing it. The information must be used to market the company traditionally by doing follow-up calls.

If one has a plan to run an event physically, one must choose the digital strategy wisely. Social media can help people to be up-to-date about the happenings and is also useful to be connected afterward.

The hashtags used on twitter are one such example that is used to attract the audience about any occurring event.

If one has a static billboard, it is a chance to engage the people. For instance, the people must be made to communicate through email, submit responses, and buy online the one-time offers.

Run Integrated Marketing Campaigns

The trend to shape the marketing budget by the companies has been shifted to over forty percent through digital means, as claimed by, and sixty percent through the traditional methods.

But, both of the methods are not exclusive to each other; rather, a blend of both is often used, which includes digital marketing, T.V. advertisements, YouTube ads, and Public Relations, so on and so forth.

The strategies opted by the integrated marketing campaign are various, but most of the time, all of them lead to a singular result. So, for example, an x% boost in followers plus y attendance at a particular instance.

Apple is quite consistent in its market strategy. The integrated marketing strategy used by Apple in the stores or the web designs on the websites is the same and makes the users recognize the similarity.

Be it anyone walking down a street or visiting a web portal online, and one would realize that it is the same company one is referring to.

The traditional methods included the issue of the copyrights, but today the marketing focuses only on gaining the attention of the user. The marketing tactic is persuasion, which may be ignored at someone’s peril.

The networking is not only crucial in attracting the clients but also grabs the talented individuals.

Which method do you use in promoting your business? Is it the traditional method or the digital one? And do they operate separately or in combination? Do you choose to consult a digital marketing agency, or you prefer doing it on your own?