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Where Strategy Meets Innovation in Digital Marketing. Over a decade in leading digital marketing teams, strategies, and campaigns with a proven track record of generating growth and enhancing digital presence.

Generated over $30m in revenue

Leveraging comprehensive digital marketing strategies and leading a dedicated team, I’ve driven Alltech’s sales to new heights, culminating in a 30% boost in overall revenue. My approach combines innovative campaign design with data analytics, ensuring every marketing dollar is an investment towards measurable success.

Generated over 30,000 leads for B2B and B2C businesses.

By cultivating a deep understanding of both B2B and B2C landscapes, I’ve executed multi-faceted digital campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. This strategic focus has generated over 30,000 leads, building robust sales pipelines and fostering sustainable business growth.


Alltech Digital Transformation

In leading Alltech’s digital transformation, I championed a seamless integration of advanced technologies into core business operations, resulting in a significant leap in operational efficiency and customer engagement.


Alltech Store E-commerce Platform

Launched B2B and B2C e-commerce platform, significantly enhancing customer engagement and sales performance.


Global Digital Presence Expansion

Elevated Alltech’s digital footprint, amplifying global online presence and brand visibility with innovative marketing strategies, realizing a 25% brand visibility improvement within the first year.


Orchestrated a comprehensive SEO and content strategy overhaul for the Asia-Pacific market, leading to a sustained 18-35% yearly increase in organic traffic.


Data-Driven Campaign Leadership

Managed multi-million dollar search and social media advertising campaigns, utilizing data-driven insights to achieve a 20% higher return on ad spend.


Digital Infrastructure Revamp

Directed a cross-functional team to revamp digital infrastructure, merging marketing with IT to enhance customer acquisition by 20% and bolster customer retention by 25%.


Full-Stack Development

As a software engineer i am passionate about building SaaS products. Checkout my developer portfolio by clicking on the link below.

Anand Iyer - Digital Marketing Manager, Blogger, and YouTuber

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