What is Enterprise SEO?

The Enterprise SEO helps in the search engine optimization of a company. The mechanics of it are designed according to the company’s profile and business goals.

It helps to adapt the website of the company according to the search engine. Simply put, Enterprise SEO helps to make the position of your company organically in the search engines.

The businesses which are multi-faceted and have large revenues to handle, the information on their pages is complex and requires a large team to handle it.

The Enterprise SEO offers the customers to manage the large scale business pages and help them being ranked on top pages. It helps in gathering more traffic to the pages, thus, gaining more profits.

Here is an ultimate guide to enterprise SEO strategy to grow your business.

Difference between Small Business SEO and Enterprise SEO

The small business SEO is quite different than that of the Enterprise SEO. As the name suggests, the small business SEO involves managing the SEO of the small websites, which have a few numbers of pages.

The Enterprise SEO is used to handle hundreds and thousands of pages of a website. It is done by a team of SEO experts dedicated to this purpose specially.

source: backlinko

Considering the Keywords:

The small business SEO usually has very low competition and has long-tail keywords, whereas, the Enterprise SEO involves the usage of the short-tailed but extremely competitive keywords.

The algorithms used in the Enterprise SEO include the advanced time-intensive tactics, which leave a great impact on Search engine optimization.

The large firms and enterprises use the Enterprise SEO because due to their unique formula, they link the SEO, content marketing, and PR.

Enterprise SEO; Why Marketers Need Enterprise Search Optimization

The following reasons convince the marketers to choose the Enterprise SEO.

  • It allows the top Fortune 1000 brands to dominate the whole business category.
  • The tool does the SEO organically and has maximum reach out.
  • The scalability is improved as the Enterprise SEO increase the automation and develops workflows.
  • It leaves a significant impact on the market shares and the reputation of brands and CEO.
  • It helps to form a building block, which makes the responses to be agile.

Enterprise SEO Strategy

The success of the Enterprise SEO is due to its capability to change according to the need of the hour.

Suppose, if Google introduces an update which affects hundreds and thousands of websites, such as E-A-T; Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

The Enterprise SEO can help you in adapting quickly to the changes and prevent any chance, which could cause a drop in your traffic and sales. So, it is a strategy which helps you in preventing the drop in sales, in case of any changes in the Search Engine’s algorithm.

Key Areas of Enterprise SEO

Provide Adequate Training for Your Team

It is estimated that on average, 2.3 million searches are done every minute on Google, so howsoever best your team maybe it would still fail to keep up with all the changes.

However, if your team is capable and well learned, it might be able to catch a tiny portion of all the traffic. But, even this tiny portion would be enough to generate a lot of organic traffic.

The team must be designed in a way that it is capable of coping up with the changes and can predict the changing trends with every passing second.

So, any update by Google should not be surprising for your team, and even if it becomes one, the team must be able to adapt quickly. It is the reason why you need the employees to get trained so that your company continues making profits.

Mostly, it is advised to use both the in-house and the external consultants to achieve the best of both.

Encourage collaboration between departments.

The best working team is the one, which works harmoniously together. Whether it is your software developer, website designer, or the content creator, all must be habitual to work with each other.

It is advised because it ultimately results in better production of the organization as a whole. So, the companies must offer a place where the collaboration is made easier for the workers.

For instance, if the company needs to hire the external SEO consultants, the members must collaborate with others for better functioning of the company.

Build Links from Authoritative Websites

If you are running a successful website, which has massive traffic coming in and has thousands of pages on it, you probably had worked hard in building quality backlinks.

But, adding backlinks is not a one time job, with every passing minute, you would need to update them. One easy way to get the backlinks is simply by gaining more traffic by the use of the specific keywords.

Another way is to post a guest blog or story of a top executive on authoritative websites linked to your industry.

Engage in Internal Linking

Internal Links: The ONLY Data Supported Guide [2020]
source: authority hackers

When you are running a large website, the homepage is usually the one which has the least amount of the updated information. So, to make your whole website look coherent and unified, it is important to backlink the new articles with other posts and focus on internal link building

The purpose of SEO is not just to gain traffic, but it includes making the website more attractive and user-friendly.

Produce More Quality Content

The quantity of the content does not matter, but the quality does. But, if you are running a website with thousands of indexed and non-indexed pages, you would need time to ensure the quality of the content. It is the reason that the B2B markets are struggling hard to manage this issue.

The primary gauge to determine the quality of the content is by analyzing if the content answers the questions asked by any visitor or not.

how to find the best money pages to boost

If the Google decides to make changes which require you to overhaul your pages generally you can opt any of the following two methods;

  • Hire an expert content writer and allow him to publish quality content for you.
  • Hire a cheap writer to revise the content.

The later can save you money but remember quality is more important than the quantity of the content.

High Quality Content Will Help Boost Landing Page Rankings

Adopt voice SEO

There are billions of voice searches happening every month, and it is the avenue which is left unattended by many enterprises. So, the companies must start using the voice Search engine optimization and seize the opportunity.

Why use voice SEO for enterprise SEO?

Still, there aren’t many companies or enterprises which are adopting the voice SEO strategy, but the studies have found that there is an ample room for the development in the Voice SEO domain.

The users prefer to use voice commands than typing, so it is going to be the next big thing.

Google Voice Search Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana

For instance, we have listed down a few stats which show the importance of the voice SEO, 50% of all the searches in 2020 have happened through voice commands.

65% of smart speaker owners make purchases through a vocal medium. Also, 31% of smartphone owners use voice commands. The stats are evidence that the voice SEO is the need of the hour, and the companies need to start using this strategy.

Google Voice Search Mary Meeker Internet Trends report voice query trends
Source: KPCB

Produce Long-form Content Consistently

The tact of producing long-form content can be very helpful in ranking the pages on the top.

The ultimate guide to enterprise seo strategy

It happens because the search engine finds this page to be very rich in content; also, it has more backlinks and social sharing. So, it is a good strategy to publish long-form content; however, posting a product description of 3000 words would be insanity.

How do you define quality content for a product description page or a service page?

The quality content is the one which has everything which a customer needs to know about the product; also, it must be compelling to increase the chances of selling a product. From a technical lens, it is advised to check out the Google search quality index to determine the quality of the content.

Have a Long-term Plan

In this age of technology, the traffic on the internet is way too much, but at the same time, the content is also not in any less quantity.

Even a small blog can take up to 3 months or so to show obvious results, so if you have a blog with a thousand pages, you must expect the results in 6 to 12 months.

Also, beware of the scams, if any company offers you to have SEO done and promises to show results quickly, probably it would not be organic traffic.

You must set the goals after certain time intervals like three months or so to gauge the extent of growth.

Conduct a thorough SEO Audit

If your company has chosen to run an enterprise SEO campaign, it is the best strategy to conduct an SEO audit.

A regular audit helps in finding out the opportunities and figuring out new prospects. It would also help in determining the performance of the employees and figure out the problems which need to be addressed.

Track the Right Metrics

There could be multiple metrics to determine the performance of the enterprise. But, the CEO must question which metric is the best for gauging the performance of his/her business.

It must be kept in mind that not all the metrics fit for all the campaigns. For instance, the SEO to gain more organic traffic can be relevant to brand awareness, but it isn’t important for sales.

A few metrics are given as;

  • The number of people who visit your page.
  • The number of visitors on your website directly routed from the search engine.
  • The people who see the link to the webpage on the search results page.
  • Location of the search results position. It means the positions which your page occupies in the search bar of any search engine. It can be improved by using the ranked keywords, as most people search these words.

Analyze Your Results

To determine who is an expert and who is an amateur, analyze their numbers.

A few questions which can help are;

  • How many pages have you ranked on Google’s first page?
  • Does increasing organic traffic mean you have done a good job?
  • Is your strategy working to increase traffic on the important pages?
  • Is there any change in the click-through rate by the increase in organic traffic?

You can choose to ask other questions because the questions help in finding out the answers to multiple issues.

What are some good tools for enterprise SEO?

For enterprise SEO, MarketingCloudFX is usually used. It helps in digital marketing, SEO, lead tracking, and personalization.

Scalable Enterprise SEO

The success of Enterprise SEO depends on expansion and optimization. Simple SEO, while adding more and more content, would not work if the backlinks are not updated regularly.

Within a short period, the business listing would become outdated, and the content of the website would become obsolete.

On the other hand, only optimization is not the solution. No doubt, optimization is important, but expansion is also necessary to gain focus of other brands.

A perfect combination of optimization and expansion can only help in increasing the chances of success for a company.

There are multiple strategies used for enterprise SEO, but it varies depending on the nature of the company.

A few methods are; Full-scale SEO audits, link building outreach, Re-optimization of old content, Topic clustering, Visual content and optimization, Influencer marketing, Schema markup, Video content and optimization, and Technical SEO.

The enterprise SEO Company helps in analyzing the goals and achievements of the business and current SEO results. For instance, the Victorious SEO helps in determining the market strategy to opt to avoid several obstacles and prioritize the goals to achieve the results. 


The procedure to create an enterprise SEO is very different than that of the SEO.

It requires multiple changes;

  • A mechanism to evaluate the progress
  • Focused SEO and content marketing
  • Perfect selection of Keywords
  • An agile approach to completing tasks.